Kim Garland displays an artistic eye behind the camera and the result is a short film that people should watch and studios should take note of because of its bold but elegant delivery.
— SilverScreen Analysis for 'Body Image'
...a fantastic, eerie supernatural horror film...
— Popcorn Horror for 'Vivienne Again'
Kim Garland & Matt Garland interviewed on KTTC-TV Minnesota

Kim Garland & Matt Garland interviewed on KTTC-TV Minnesota

'The End of Mara' in  Fangoria  magazine

'The End of Mara' in Fangoria magazine

Press for Kim Garland

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Kim Garland interviewed by  Morbidly Beautiful

Kim Garland interviewed by Morbidly Beautiful

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...some of the best ongoing supernatural science fiction in indie filmmaking.
— DestroyTheCyborg for The Resurrection Trilogy

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'Deal Travis In' in the  Huffington Post

'Deal Travis In' in the Huffington Post

Press for "Deal Travis In"

• TV interview: "Flyway Film Festival" October 2013
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Kim Garland interviewed by  DestroyTheCyborg!

Kim Garland interviewed by DestroyTheCyborg!

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'Vivienne Again' in the Clinton Chronicle